Loc Appreciation Day is a community driven activity. Anyone can host an event or meetup in honor of the day. For 2014 seven unique organizers stepped up to the plate to facilitate events in the following locations:

New York, NY | Hartford, CT | Wilmington, DE | Atlanta, GA| San Diego, CA | London, England |Lagos, Nigeria

Click on the location above for more information and to see pictures from the event. Click on the image below to enlarge to view flyer.

Interested in participating or becoming a sponsor for all or some of our events? E-mail

Remember anyone can host a Loc Appreciation Day meetup. So if there is not an event in your area feel free to get together with friends. Invite the community and tell us about it by sending an email to

There are lots of awesome ways to be a part of Loc Appreciation Day. Try contributing to the LAD Collaboration Videos, represent with cool Loc Appreciation Day merchandise or come up with your own way to celebrate the day. It’a all about community and showing locs love. This is your day!